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So... I'm seriously considering moving into an apartment for the first time. I've done a little looking around over the last couple years, but there was always something in the way of keeping it from being realistic. First I had to get a full time job, then I had to finish school, etc. By the time I'd finished reasonable excuses, I was all gung ho about continuing to live with the parents paying minimal rent and save up for a house.

But, dude, housing of any kind on Long Island is expensive!

It's almost impossible to get any kind of apartment that's more than a closet hole in the wall for less than $1200/month, unless I want to move to the south shore or the city. The city means leaving the suburbs, which is really my comfort zone, and both options mean adding a decent commute to work. Not to mention everything I know. (I've lived in the same house all my life, worked in the same place since I was 17, etc.). I have Aspergers; I don't do change. Following those guidelines, it's just as impossible to get a house for less than $300k (ish) + $10k in taxes.

I've been saving hard, but it's still going to take me at least another 3-5 years to be able to afford a down payment. I love my parents dearly, but I was raised to be more independent than this. Everyone keeps saying it's the smart thing to live with your parents and save - especially in this economy - but I feel like a terrible person for living with my folks at 25.

So, a friend of a friend has an apartment she'd like to rent. Said friend happens to have a friend considering looking for an apartment. This sounds like a good match. So, two and two friends meet at a funeral party and walk out three friends. So I go and check out the apartment.

Overall impression: I could do it. It's not ohmygodimusthavethisplaceitsperfect!, but it's workable and the price is right (oh, so right).

So, friend-people, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to convince me to stop being a baby help me weigh the pros and cons of this little adventure.


  • Independence

  • Great landlord. Normally I'm terrified of people, but I feel very comfortable with this woman. I probably couldn't ask for better.

  • Great price.

  • More room than I currently have.

  • I get to squee like a little girl and decorate it.

  • The bathroom is a lot nicer than most of the other apartments I've seen.

  • Nice storage space.

  • Pet friendly. The landlord has two dogs who like me (and vice versa), which also saves me from having to get my own (I planned to get a guard dog when I moved out to help me feel safe). She also has experience with birds and will not give me grief about mine.

  • The place has just been renovated, so everything's new (or close to everything).

  • I'm still very close to my parents if I need anything.

  • I could probably/maybe walk to work. This is a big pro, because I hate driving.

  • I won't be able to save up for a house.

  • I will really have to watch what I spend.

  • This will be my first time living alone. I am by nature a huge hermit. Without the rest of my family to provide background noise, I might get even worse and go into people shock everytime I leave the house. I've been known to stop talking without people forcing me into regular conversations (see previous comment about Aspergers). Did you ever see The Net? I might become Sandra Bullock.

  • The apartment isn't that big, even for an apartment. I'm used to living in a house. I might get claustrophobic.

  • It's a basement apartment, which means the only windows are little half-size things near the top of the walls, so very little natural light. This could also be a problem for the birds.

  • No A/C. No window to put an A/C unit in. I might get one of those portable things, which means one less window in a place with few enough already. And they're very noisy.

  • Can't walk to the gym, which while minor, but may actually mean I go less. I'm weird that way and I know me.

  • My mommy won't be around to cook for me. :P LOL. Yeah, I know, suck it up. This is a weak one.

  • After 15 (20?) years of resisting ceiling fans (they're evil, I say!), I finally caved a couple months ago and bought one for my room. And Oh. My. God. I've been converted. How have I never allowed myself one before??? Well, now that I've been converted, I can't have one. No room in this apartment.

  • Directly relating to the one above, very low ceilings. Maybe 6.5 feet.

  • The birds are going to freak out being in a new place. Plus they lose people contact too.

Well, these seem to be the big issues. Now I'm going to ponder. And ponder. I'm very indecisive. Help me, people! Please!

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