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Bugs Bunny (2008)
I've done it again! The front door is painted and it's barely into December. Yay me! For previous years' pictures, check out my gallery.
Bugs Bunny (2008)

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Yay! One more art project done. My friend, who lives in a condo, asked me to draw him a picture of two asian dragons around his condo number to make into an address plate for his door. The annoying part is it's eventually going to be etched into some kind of metal plate, so I could only do outlines, rather than a whole nice piece with shading and what not. C'est la vie. That just gives me the urge to do yet another work (this time bigger, and in color!). It's nice having a reason to do artwork. You never realize how much you miss art classes in school until you graduate and suddenly you've gone months without drawing anything more than an impressive doodle. So sad.

EDIT: Those of you who saw this when I originally posted may realize that I made some minor changes. I woke up this morning, still irritated by the top left/center of the pic, and suddenly I realized how to fix it. This is why you never do an art project in just one day folks. Editing is always good.

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For their 28th anniversary I drew a portrait of my parents and gave it to them. It was 18"x 24" in colored pencil and resulted in 4 different packs of pencils, three blisters, and 6 different reference photos (my dad has this thing about a) smiling and b) keeping his eyes open for the camera). Oh, and all the photos were closely scrutinized under a magnifying glass. My brain hurts. But they liked it a lot, so it's all worth it.

As always, I'm not completely satisfied with it, but then again, left to my own devices I'd work on it forever. But hey, at least now I'm free to work on some fanart for Robert Jordan's calendar contest.

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Today I finally fit the role of the struggling artist. Normally I'm just artistic, but today I went all the way. I was working in the bone lab for my zooarchaeology class (that's the animal bones found at an archaeological site). My current task is to create a manual of all the different teeth. It's one of those tasks that takes a lot of effort and concentration and pays off very little. The problem with teeth is that they look awful while you're drawing them, but great when you're done. It's like when an adult is missing a tooth you want to look away.

So it takes five/six hours to make one pig mouth look complete. In the meantime, it's Saturday. I'm in a deserted multi-story building on a deserted university campus, and it's about 40 degrees outside. The custodians turned the heat off at 5:00. You try drawing for hours when your fingers are frozen. Another problem with this lab is that I don't have a key and the door locks behind you. Therefore, no bathroom breaks and no food breaks. The cafeterias close at 6:00 (that's a commuter school for you). So I'm freezing, starving, and oh yeah, the light bulbs blew out on me, thus leaving me trying to draw in the dark.

But it was soo worth it to get the damn pig over with. Pig teeth are complicated little buggers. They have the most compact teeth-- basically they have what looks like three or four piled on top of each other. It took me twice as long to draw the pig as the cow, and the cow is a lot bigger (I'm drawing them to scale).

An Irish Blessing

May the road rise to meet you.

May the wind be always at your back.

May the sun shine warm upon your face and the rain fall soft upon your fields.

And until we meet again, may God hold you in the hollow of his hand.

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