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First: Le Update.

Breast Cancer Co-worker: doing better, but still feeling sick. Prognosis positive.
Brain Tumor Grandson: doing poorly. :( Everyone contributed a to a collection to buy him an iPod so he has music to listen to during chemo. Still not fun. Prognosis uncertain.
Missing Co-worker: found, dazed and confused. Was in the hospital, now with family. Not certain what happened. I just really hope he'll be okay.

Second: New Hobby.

There was an ad in the Pennysaver for a free week of Krav Maga (Israeli street fighting) classes. I took my first one on Sunday and it was fun, if scary. They were focusing on punching that day. I got my ass handed to me by a 14-year-old. Went again last night and the focus was choke holds. Oh, god. My siblings might half-heartedly choke me every now and then, but to feel a strong guy put his hands around my neck in a serious grip - holy shit, it's scary. On the plus side, after breaking (or trying to break) out of it a few (lot)times, it got less scary. I guess this class would be an effective prep for if it ever really happened. I can't go again tonight, but I'll probably go on Wednesday. I still don't know if I'm going to get a membership after the week is up - it's really expensive. I might pay by the class for a while, as that's only $15 a class. I'll have to see how the rest of the week goes.

On an interesting note, I didn't leave either class feeling like I'd just come from a real tough work out. I was certainly bruised and the adrenaline was running, but I wasn't really sweaty. We didn't even do a big warm up or any cool down in class, so I assume that means it wasn't supposed to be overly strenuous. It did leave me so pumped and full of energy that I felt the need to burn off some stream on the treadmill, so that was good. I was even feeling unusually aggressive, which let me push myself harder on the tread. So, that was nice. If nothing else, maybe this class will make me less of a wuss? Or this might just be first week endorphins, who knows?

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1. Morning
Supposed to meet teacher for an independent study today for the first time. We've been exchanging emails, so there has been regular contact. We agreed last week to meet "in the library" at 10:30 this morning. I emailed her the night before to a)confirm and b)ask for a specific meeting location. The teacher emails back confirming that we're meeting... and that's it. Okay, thanks teach. Real helpful. So I email again, quote, "It's a big building. Where, specifically would you like to meet? I don't even know what you look like!" No response (it was getting kind of late). So I get to my university library at 10:15 like a responsible student and plant myself in front of the door, prepared to interrogate anyone who looked old enough to be a professor. "Are you..." "Excuse me, would you happen to be..." and so forth. No dice. Fortunately I knew someone at the front desk, so I asked her to keep an eye out for me while I ran upstairs and checked with the offices. (I'm a library school student, the library school offices and some classrooms are on another floor of the library, maybe the teacher was just thinking of the library school, as opposed to the building proper.) No teacher. Finally, half an hour after I'm supposed to meet the teacher, the teacher emails me (I had been regularly checking for one as I have no other means of contact). She wanted to meet me at her library. Her public library. Now, if I weren't one of those insane students who doesn't google their teachers before class starts to dig up any dirt, I would never have known that this woman was the director of Public Library X. Fortunately, she accepted blame for poor communication skills and I ran over to her library which fortunately was only 15 minutes away. Of course, my class was then shortened from 1/1.5 hours to 20 minutes. Oops. Then I had to rush to work. Oh boy.

2. Work
Okay, I'm going to relay this in the order I heard about it.

  • Co-Worker 1: Is going to be out for 1-3 weeks because she just had her knee operated on (maybe replaced?). This wouldn't be news, except I was out for a week taking intensive classes.

  • Co-Worker 2: Has breast cancer. Will be out for the foreseeable future.

  • Co-Worker 3: Her grandson, aged 17 or 18, has a brain tumor. Passed out while seeing Harry Potter over the weekend and stuck in the hospital. Outlook unknown.

  • Co-Worker 4: Is missing. Missing, missing. His wife called in and said he's been missing for over 24 hours, police report filed, please please please any information.... His car was found in a strange place, no sign of person. Oh shit. This was one of those eye opening times where I really got a new look at my co-workers. Everyone was gossiping, this is what we do... we work in a library, knowing information is what we do. It's a compulsion and it's understood. But as part of that standing, there is a silent line between gossip and shut the f*** up. There was a big re-hire about 2.5 years ago and there was a huge turnover in staffing. I've been around for 7 years. Missing Guy has worked at the library for ~20 years! Once upon a time he worked full time at the library, though this was probably 10 years ago. Then he dropped down to part time. Since the rehire, he's been a sub, working about 10 hours a month. The people hired since the big rehire were just gossiping for juice. Those of us from before were beyond gossip and moved on to concern. I actually spoke harshly to a co-worker I normally like a lot because of the gossip levels, and was supported by another old timer who I normally don't see eye-to-eye with. I'm a mouse at work; I don't say boo to anyone. I *really* hope he is okay.

On a good note, the night did end with a patron coming in and being unusually, retardedly polite. She asked me for information, not expecting results since it was a pretty academic question and we're a public library, but happy with whatever I could give her. I'm feeling pretty sick from all the bad news all day, and I just want the day to be over, forget about doing a complicated search. Fortunately, the co-worker I snarled at for gossiping (we're friends, I swear) talked the patron up while I was researching so I didn't have to worry about talking and working at the same time (talking really isn't my thing). After many stumbles, I found a search term that worked and I got the patron her info. The patron then thanked me by name. Very strange. I guard my name like nobody's business. You know the medieval myth about names holding power? Well, you give a patron your name, they have the power to call and complain about you. And that is all they'll ever use it for. Sure, call me cynical - I say experienced. But this patron was the exception - so uber polite. Cool.

After Work
Went out and celebrated a friend's birthday. He really liked his presents. Good time.

Get Home
I pull up to the driveway and see my dad's car is missing. I know he had a 4:00 meeting. Not good. My dad collapses at 10:00 sharp since his heart attack five years ago and it's about 11:00 now. Sometimes he has to stay at the office very late and can't drive himself home, so I or my mother have to pick him up. I call my mom before I even get out of the car and ask where he is. He just ran out to get some milk would be a really nice answer, but not likely. Fears confirmed, he has yet to come home from the meeting. So I go inside and mom texts dad for a sit rep. He doesn't answer. Five/Ten minutes later she just calls him. He's still in the meeting, no idea when it will let out. Forgive me, but after today, I'm feeling a little on edge and I want him home.

EDIT: 1 AM, and he's home. Jeez.

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I changed the layout of my journal again - just a little *cough, cough*. But I think I've finally found a look I really like, so yay!

The California trip was a blast. Is it pathetic if I say that the hotel room was my favorite part? I normally hate luxury places; things that make most people say, "ooooh, aaaah" make me say ick. But this room was my kind of luxury: down comforter, down pillow, really big bed all to myself, and shockingly enough for a hotel room, plenty of space. I still can't believe the library paid for this.

Disneyland was a bit of a let down. :( Disneyworld is just so much... more. My biggest disappointment was the complete lack of classic Disney. No more Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck or Aladdin. Now it's all Up, Toy Story, Lilo & Stitch, etc. I felt so old.

Universal Studios was a lot of fun though. Although again, the Florida location has a lot more to offer.

Got back home about a week ago and have been trying to catch up since. I can't seem to shake the exhaustion. School actually started while I was in California; I had to keep up with that online and actually attend class the day after I got back. Write a ten page paper in two weeks, no problem.

On a fun note, I started working on building an outside aviary for Rockne and Adri. It's coming along swimmingly. I've got the frame built, just need to add another support beam. I ordered the netting and it's on its way. Heading out to a nursery Sunday-ish to get some climbable foliage to put inside. I'd love to get a japanese maple, but I hear they're very expensive. I still can't believe Mom is letting me put this thing in her backyard. At this rate I'm never moving out. Either way, this project is a major accomplishment for me; I've always been a just-buy-it kind of person and always ashamed of it. Now I'm learning to fix that. Yay personal progress! (You may all laugh at how pathetically easy it is to make me proud of myself now.)

Good times.

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I'm going on my first business trip tomorrow morning! I can't believe someone is actually paying me to travel. So cool! (I sound so green right now, but whatever, this is awesome!) I'm going to California (Anaheim mostly) for a four day conference + 3 days of vacation (not including travel days!).


I'll even get to go to Disneyland for my birthday. Even better, they let you in for free on your bday. Can you say, "perfect?" Life is good.

Why am I so nervous?
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FanFiction is freaking killing me. I'm sitting at the Fiction desk in my library, trying my librarian best to recommend new books to insistent patrons, only to realize I haven't read any in months because I'm so tied up with SGA fanfic! Gah!

Must stop reading it... but it's so good!

I do miss reading actual paper though, as do my eyes. But the whump! So hard to find good whump in paperback.

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This is from today's Unshelved by Bill Barnes and Gene Ambaum

Unshelved is a comic about working in a library that is so true it hurts.

Here are two more of my favorites. They're a little running story that really seems to be summing up my life sometimes.

Part I:

Part II:

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*happy dance*

I got the promotion at work today. (For what the heck I'm talking about, see previous post.) Now I get to play with computers instead of stupid people's minds (well I can probably still do both)! The Systems Management department is a behind the scenes department, not a public desk, so I may actually be able to get my purple hair back-- and isn't it really sad when that's how I judge how awesome my job is :-p

*fingers crossed on that*

The only catch: in order to be a full time employee of the civil service system, your name has to come off a list. In order to get on this list, you must pass a test. The test is only offered once every three years or so. I have not taken said test. The director, crafty one that she is, got around this by offering me a position as a librarian trainee. This is a better position than a full-time clerk, but has the catch of requiring me to be enrolled in library school (although it did come with the promise of a guaranteed librarian position once I graduate). I was planning on going, but I wanted to wait until the Fall and start at a normal time, plus have a nice little break. Fortunately I just need my name attached to a university, so I really only need to take one class. Which means I'm now scrambling like a mad man to finish my application, considering classes start in, oh, a month and a half! Ah! Thank god for rolling admission. I think I like it when everything happens at once, because then I don't have enough time to (over)think things through and dread what I know I'm going to do anyway.

So, all in all, yay! My life is in order.

Heh, my brother had to do a six month job search after he graduated. I just had one handed to me. Squee!

Oh god, I have to go write a personal statement now... I'm doomed.


Oct. 4th, 2007 02:35 pm
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I'm under consideration for a new position that was just created at the library where I work. It's basically doing IT stuff. It's considered a promotion from clerical and definately pays more. So yay! I hope I get it. If I do it means I get to work behind the scenes, rather than at a public desk, so they may even let me dye my hair purple again (which, let's face it, is the biggest draw)!!! Plus, it's a guaranteed full time position when I graduate in December.
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So I'm sitting at my desk, watching Clerks I and Clerks 2 simultaneously on my tv and laptop (because I get way too bored watching one movie at a time-- I won't even mention all the other things I was doing while they were on) and I've decided I'm far too much like Dante for my own good. Randal's accusations towards Dante about how he's struggling to obtain a life that means nothing to him but he's determined to have anyway because he thinks everyone expects him to or everone else wants and therefore he should too are far too reminiscent of how I'm directing mine. I enjoy clerking, be it at the library or at my previous jobs, and wouldn't mind continuing the trade for the rest of my life. But everyone tells me it's awful and I'll regret it, or I'm too damn smart to waste my life doing that, etc etc. So here I am working my ass off at college (which is hilarious considering I was perfectly content to take the GED and jump into the work force early) while working two jobs because I can't stomach the concept of not working, and I can't quite understand why I'm fighting myself. Granted, it could be because it's after 1am on Sunday night and I'm still doing homework (yes, I can watch movies and write a lab at the same time, believe it or not), but I don't think so. I've never had any great ambitions, I don't plan on having to support a family, I don't want a big house or nice cars, so what the fuck do I need be fighting tooth and nail over? My biggest expenditure beyond groceries will probably be an annual vacation. Woohoo. The caste system is well and truly alive and kicking and I think I was definately born to the wrong station.
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The background:

Why is it that everything seems to always happen at once? What I consider to be my main job is working at my local library. I also work part-time in an accounting office doing archiving.

The story:

For almost two years the library has been renovating. This means that we've spent the better part of that time working in less than 1/16th of the building with a very reduced staff while the rest of the building was being spiffed up. The last two months have been a doosy; we've had off with partial pay while that 1/16th was added to the rest of the renovations.

The problem:

Now we're all moving back into the main building and setting up to reopen to the public. Basically we're moving and setting up a whole new operation (the sheer mass of the library has expanded so much as to make a total overhaul of the present operating system necessary). They've had two years to do this. Now that they finally are, the accounting firm has decided to move. Both businesses have had over a year to futz around, and typically, they both decide to move at the same time! Thank you, oh so much.

The expletives:

This is supposed to be during my Christmas break. I worked my ass off at the end of last semester. All I wanted was a freakin' break!

Problem No. II


I am a full time student. I work in the library 15-20 hours a week (normally, sometimes more, never less). The accounting job is as needed, which is generally 10 hours a week Jan-Feb, 15 hours March, and full time in April. I'll ignore the rest of the year for now, as that's not all that relevant. On top of this I dog sit apx. 15-20 days a month. I get very tired. Thank god I don't have a kid.

The accounting office I work in is a cooperative of three different firms. I currently work for two of them. This new location is this first time the third firm is really sharing space with us.


So as we're unpacking, desperately searching for missing items, cursing, assembling computers, eating, more cursing, screaming at the phone to stop ringing, screaming at the moving guys to stop destorying, cursing, trying to figure out what the hell's going on, boss of company number three tells me that this year he's going to have me do his archiving. He doesn't ask, he just says. Fortunately he is a guy I can tell to stick it, but I have confrontation issues. Plus I'm too nice to say no. Wisely I didn't say anything as specific as okay or go to hell. I did ask his client count, and how soon into tax season he expects to get his work done, and naturally he had no answers for me.

More work=more money.

More hours.

The Question:

To work, or not to work? Do I have time? Do I like pretty green paper with dead guys on it?

New Job

Jan. 10th, 2007 11:40 pm
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So I finally got my first "real" job. I've moved up from being a page at the library to being a clerk. Another good thing. I've been fighting for this promotion for over two years. Considering that most pages only remain employed for one or two years and I'm reaching my fifth, I'd say it's about time. The pay raise means I now have the new computer (yay!), see previous entry for more details, but it is also a very sad time in my life.

(Sob, sob) My hair... it can never be purple again as long as I work there. (Sniffle, sniffle) I think I may have to quit....

An Irish Blessing

May the road rise to meet you.

May the wind be always at your back.

May the sun shine warm upon your face and the rain fall soft upon your fields.

And until we meet again, may God hold you in the hollow of his hand.

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