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If the #2 pencil is so popular, why is it still #2?
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Broken Guitar for Sale --
No strings attached!
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Getting up at 7 every morning is weird. It's like being back in school without the weekends. I'm trying to talk Bailey into some kind of arrangement where I take him out at 7 to take care of business, then he lets me go back to sleep. That seems fair to me. I'll even give him half an hour to run around like crazy first.

But no... this does not seem to work for his royal highness.

Well, to be fair, maybe we are coming to some kind of accord. I have to put him back in the crate if I go back to bed, because someone has proven time and again he will randomly go on the carpet if I take my eyes off him for a second. The first time I demonstrated operation please-dear-god-I'm-a-night-owl-lemme-alone!, Bailey wailed his head off the second I put him back in the crate and did not let up even after the two hours it took to break me.

This morning when I tried it, he gave me a couple minutes before getting into it and actually gave me a reprieve after about 20 minutes. I can work with that. Of course, an hour later his benevolence ran out and the howling returned. And like the idiot I am, I gave in to his terrorist demands and let him out. To prevent the return of sleep (oh sleep, where art thou sleep?), I curled up on my couch instead. Bailey was content to just sit next to the couch while I didn't sleep.

The birds came to visit me on the couch too. This was actually the best part. Rockne and I had a long talk for about an hour (I swear, we really can have entire conversations with body language and kisses. I'm not crazy!). By the end of it, Rockne apologized for his aggression earlier this week - first towards Bailey, then me - and promised his temper tantrum was over. I in turn, promised I did not love him any less because of the pooch.

My apartment has become a soap opera, no lie. And not even a good one.

On a positive note, this morning Bailey displayed the first hint that this housebreaking thing may actually happen!!! :) :) :) He actually did a little dance and hovered in front of the door. Let me out, fool! I did, he ran up the stairs, I opened the door, and off he went to fill the cesspool. Queue Handel's Hallelujah Chorus and a happy Snoopy Dance.

Of course, said pooch then had to ruin it an hour later with an unauthorized leakage. Like, srsly? No meal/significant water drinkage in between toilet runs, just, "Oh, I think I'll go now." Dude! Grrrr. One step forward, three steps back...

I swear, this dog is a ninja. Go on, you try catching him in the act. He can be anywhere, at anytime, but you'll never know, for he moves on tiny (actually, rather large) cat feet (don't tell him that) and makes no sound as he passes. I swear, half the time I turn around to look at him, only to discover he's laying on my feet and I didn't even notice, he'd settled so quietly and lightly. And I'm usually one of those hyperaware people that's hard to sneak up on/hide from.

I suppose the potty training might be working if now when I manage to catch him in the act, scream, "no!" he stops right away and heads straight for the door. I'll take that to mean he knows what he should be doing if the carpet's not an option. Now I just need him to know the carpet is never an option.

I can't wait until he's housebroken. I don't mind cleaning up the mess, but the lingering smell is killing me.

Aggravating training aside, he's such a sweet boy. I do like him very much and he's a lot of fun to play with. Look, I'm actually tempted to talk to people about him - 3 blog posts in 1 week - I never talk this much! Sorry to all those I'm spamming with these.

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So the pooch now has a name: Bailey (yeah, I'm real original, I know).

He's such a sweetie.

It's great - I tell him something, he listens and remembers. The birds? I tell them something, they laugh and then do the opposite. Every time. Why does everyone say a dog is so much more responsibility? Once this housebreaking thing is over (and please god, let that be soon), he's a piece of cake. A very yummy cake.

Obligatory cuteness:
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I bought a dog today!

This is so exciting! Every time I see him I double look and like, really? I really have a dog? He's really mine?! :P Now I just need to figure out what to call him.

TBD is an Australian Shepherd Mini. I got him from the puppy store - I tried finding a dog at the local shelters, but I couldn't find one that met my needs. I know this makes me an awful, no good person, but who can resist that face?

He's been so good with my birds, which is a big relief. Now I have to decide whether to crate train him or not. He came home and immediately settled into a perfect spot and seemed so happy there - why crate train if we agree on what space is his? And he picked one of my few non-carpeted spots to call his own - I can actually clean up accidents quite easily there!

He's so sweet; it's ridiculous!!!
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Moving on to IT humor:

How do you set the laser printer to stun?

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The apartment's been working out really great. I'm loving the freedom and finally having my own space. I still go to my parents' once or twice a week, but just because I'm all growd up doesn't mean I should cut them out of my life. Plus they have the treadmill.

I'm thinking about getting a pooch to join me in my minuscule kingdom. I did up a whole list of pros and cons, but I think I've talked myself into it. Didn't even need to go around to every single person I know and ask them to make the decision for me. :P "What should I do?" *whine* "But what do you think I should do?" *whine*

Only problem is I really like big dogs - something I could take for a jog. I'm pretty sure my apartment is sized for little dinky toy dogs. I don't think they run very well.

Oh, such problems I have these days... :D :D :D

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For every action,
there is an equal and
opposite criticism.
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-is an awful way to spend 1/7th of your life-
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This move is eating up my brain! :D

Spent a solid day cleaning the apartment top to bottom - I can still feel the Tilex in my thoat *hack hack*. Oh, but it look so much nicer now that it's clean and painted! Lots of purple and aqua everywhere!

Spent another solid day building the IKEA furniture. Then going back to IKEA and buying more furniture - one can never have enough DVD storage. Or book storage. Or, you know, floor space teehee.

I was kinda hoping to be all moved in by now, but that seems to be dragging. Wah, I want to settle into my evil lair from which I may hatch devious plots to take over the universe. Oh galactic domination, sadly you must continue to wait.


Sep. 25th, 2010 11:50 pm
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So, I had my first IKEA experience tonight and it was epic. I'm going back tomorrow to buy moaaaarrrr!

hahahahahahahahaha! This moving thing could be a lot of fun :D


Sep. 21st, 2010 10:47 pm
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So... uh, it looks like I'm moving. I put a deposit on the apartment tonight.

Oh god.

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So... I'm seriously considering moving into an apartment for the first time. I've done a little looking around over the last couple years, but there was always something in the way of keeping it from being realistic. First I had to get a full time job, then I had to finish school, etc. By the time I'd finished reasonable excuses, I was all gung ho about continuing to live with the parents paying minimal rent and save up for a house.

But, dude, housing of any kind on Long Island is expensive!

It's almost impossible to get any kind of apartment that's more than a closet hole in the wall for less than $1200/month, unless I want to move to the south shore or the city. The city means leaving the suburbs, which is really my comfort zone, and both options mean adding a decent commute to work. Not to mention everything I know. (I've lived in the same house all my life, worked in the same place since I was 17, etc.). I have Aspergers; I don't do change. Following those guidelines, it's just as impossible to get a house for less than $300k (ish) + $10k in taxes.

I've been saving hard, but it's still going to take me at least another 3-5 years to be able to afford a down payment. I love my parents dearly, but I was raised to be more independent than this. Everyone keeps saying it's the smart thing to live with your parents and save - especially in this economy - but I feel like a terrible person for living with my folks at 25.

So, a friend of a friend has an apartment she'd like to rent. Said friend happens to have a friend considering looking for an apartment. This sounds like a good match. So, two and two friends meet at a funeral party and walk out three friends. So I go and check out the apartment.

Overall impression: I could do it. It's not ohmygodimusthavethisplaceitsperfect!, but it's workable and the price is right (oh, so right).

So, friend-people, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to convince me to stop being a baby help me weigh the pros and cons of this little adventure.


  • Independence

  • Great landlord. Normally I'm terrified of people, but I feel very comfortable with this woman. I probably couldn't ask for better.

  • Great price.

  • More room than I currently have.

  • I get to squee like a little girl and decorate it.

  • The bathroom is a lot nicer than most of the other apartments I've seen.

  • Nice storage space.

  • Pet friendly. The landlord has two dogs who like me (and vice versa), which also saves me from having to get my own (I planned to get a guard dog when I moved out to help me feel safe). She also has experience with birds and will not give me grief about mine.

  • The place has just been renovated, so everything's new (or close to everything).

  • I'm still very close to my parents if I need anything.

  • I could probably/maybe walk to work. This is a big pro, because I hate driving.

  • I won't be able to save up for a house.

  • I will really have to watch what I spend.

  • This will be my first time living alone. I am by nature a huge hermit. Without the rest of my family to provide background noise, I might get even worse and go into people shock everytime I leave the house. I've been known to stop talking without people forcing me into regular conversations (see previous comment about Aspergers). Did you ever see The Net? I might become Sandra Bullock.

  • The apartment isn't that big, even for an apartment. I'm used to living in a house. I might get claustrophobic.

  • It's a basement apartment, which means the only windows are little half-size things near the top of the walls, so very little natural light. This could also be a problem for the birds.

  • No A/C. No window to put an A/C unit in. I might get one of those portable things, which means one less window in a place with few enough already. And they're very noisy.

  • Can't walk to the gym, which while minor, but may actually mean I go less. I'm weird that way and I know me.

  • My mommy won't be around to cook for me. :P LOL. Yeah, I know, suck it up. This is a weak one.

  • After 15 (20?) years of resisting ceiling fans (they're evil, I say!), I finally caved a couple months ago and bought one for my room. And Oh. My. God. I've been converted. How have I never allowed myself one before??? Well, now that I've been converted, I can't have one. No room in this apartment.

  • Directly relating to the one above, very low ceilings. Maybe 6.5 feet.

  • The birds are going to freak out being in a new place. Plus they lose people contact too.

Well, these seem to be the big issues. Now I'm going to ponder. And ponder. I'm very indecisive. Help me, people! Please!

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A friend of mine at the library found this. I then found it interesting. Interesting to note they left out John Grisham, pronounced Grizzum. Of course, if I were to tell a patron to read a book by Jodi Peekoo, they'd just look at me (and my three heads) like, "Waaah?"

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I've been wanting to give Supernatural a try for a while now, mostly because everyone on my friends list who watches Atlantis raves about it. I checked it out from the library (after nudging them to buy it, teehee.. I totally support the television industry)and watched the first three episodes about a month ago. And wow, it was scary. I can't watch any show/movie where a character says BOO! too loud, let alone down and out horror. Traumatized, I returned the dvds to the library, regretful that I was apparently going to miss out on a good show.

But weeks later I was still thinking about it.

So I tell myself to man up and watch it again (and you will like it, god dammit!). I bring the dvds home again and start where I left off. And amazingly, the horror was dialed down, now that the series had made it's dramatic entrance (or I was better braced for it, whatever). And yeah - it is REALLY GOOD!

I finished season 1 in two days, and now I'm marathoning the second season, cursing that I have to go to work and can't just be glued to the tv. I'm so glad I gave it a second shot! I have to hurry up and catch up so I can go read all the fanfic (of which I know there is a ton). :)

According to IMDb, the fifth season is live right now. I read on website that that's going to be the final season, which.. boo! Avast, c'est la vie. But I'm still stuck in a Dean!whump squee phase from the season 1 finale I watched last night. :)

New iMac

Oct. 20th, 2009 01:52 pm
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Ooooo. Apple's new line came out between 12 and 12:30 today. I just ordered myself a new iMac. So pretty. I've been afraid of my old one dying on me for so long. Snow leopard is supposed to be a nice improvement from leopard too. Oh, I can't wait!

PS - never mock student discounts. Ever.
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Yahoo! posted an article about the upcoming census results, mainly saying the number of minorities is up significantly and the traditional married with children American family is no longer the average setup. Okay, based on my personal experiences, this is very true. Then I read the comments (87 were posted the last time I looked). And OMG. WTF?

Did somebody let the KKK out of their pen? The number of insulting remarks about minorities (namely Hispanics, Blacks and Jews) was ridiculous! Talk about the dark ages! I thought this country had moved past such blatant, ignorant hatred (as a whole, not individuals). Is it just a right-wing activist thing? So many people kept lauding Europe for it's white-dominant culture, etc. Seriously??? I doubt any of these people have ever been to Europe. Complain about having to know two languages? Most Dutch know six, and tell me they're not white!

If people want to make racist remarks, do it with style. Use historical references. Saying that Muslims have never practiced tolerance of other religions is outrageous. It may be an issue now, but then make the comment about now! Ever hear of dhimmi? Even the few defenders of tolerance weren't making intelligent arguments.

Complaints about other cultures' values mixing with traditional American puritan values in schools? Oh no, can't have that! The Earth is flat and evolution never happened, people!

I am officially dying my skin purple, creating my own language and religion, and moving to my own puddle of nowhere. Any diversity issues can then be settled between me, myself and I.

PS - What is up with this "Caucasian" business? I know, it's a personal peeve, but a Caucasian is someone from the Caucasus Mountain region - near Ukraine/Romania/Bulgaria/Georgia. Western Europeans are not Caucasian, much as people like to tell them they are.


Oct. 5th, 2009 10:25 pm
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I'm going on



This is my second time applying and, like last time, I didn't think I'd get to go. But, haha!, the trip is on, baby! Boo-yah! Israel, I'll see you in February!
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I am writing the last paper I will EVER have to write. It's an easy topic and only 10 pages. I'm on page 8 and my brain has turned to mush! And it's only 3 o'clock in the morning. What is up with this?

What kills me is knowing I'm so close, and I just don't care. I have the ultimate senioritis; I'm soooo done with this school thing already. I know I've been saying that for years, but seriously, last f.r.e.a.k.i.n.g. one!!!!!!!


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My treadmill broke! Noooooooo! I need to replace the stupid belt.

**walks away whimpering**

An Irish Blessing

May the road rise to meet you.

May the wind be always at your back.

May the sun shine warm upon your face and the rain fall soft upon your fields.

And until we meet again, may God hold you in the hollow of his hand.

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